'Tron' Sequel Back on the Grid at Disney


The sequel to the 2010 reboot Tron: Legacy — called Tron 3 in some quarters — is moving a step forward with Disney in negotiations to hire Jesse Wigutow to pen the latest draft of the script.

Joseph Kosinski, who directed Legacy, is attached to helm this installment, which is being developed with a renewed purpose under Alan Horn, who took the reigns of Disney Studios in June.

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Crazay3488d ago

Hell yes I'm stoked for this news. One thing I really want is for Daft Punk to do the soundtrack again and maybe collaborate with Trent Reznor. Also, they need Jeff Bridges back.

kingPoS3487d ago

I definitely want to know what happened after they got out.

timmyp533486d ago

They downgraded and started playing the wii U.

darklordzor3487d ago

I hope it's better than Legacy. I was so disappointed in that movie, my heart hurt. If it's more like the cartoon show (which is awesome) I'll be a happy camper.

ReconHope3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

good news. enjoyed first one

Soldierone3487d ago

Didn't like the last movie. However the show is awesome, so if it uses that as inspiration that will be interesting!

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