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Dennis Haysbert Taking Over For Michael Clarke Duncan In Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

Cinema Blend: Those who have read Frank Miller's Sin City series have known that there would be a slight hiccup when it came to casting Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, namely the part of Manute. In Robert Rodriguez's 2005 film the character was played by Michael Clarke Duncan, but the Oscar nominated actor sadly died earlier this year. Given that Manute has a big role in the sequel's titular story Rodriguez has to find a replacement actor for the part, and today it seems he has found his man.

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timmyp533494d ago

The guy from the all state commercial takes Duncan's place? Well as long as the movie is good I'm all for it.

StarWarsFan3494d ago

This will be a different kind of project for him.

Simon_Brezhnev3494d ago

Yeah it will be kind of weird.