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Lincoln Review | Examiner

Examiner writes: Abraham Lincoln is one of the most prolific and revered historical figures in American history. He is universally known for one thing, the abolishment of slavery. Sadly, Steven Spielberg's new film, deceptively entitled "Lincoln", is not so much about who the man was, but instead about what the the man accomplished. By fixating on this singular moment in Lincoln's life as opposed to giving us a look at who he was, where he came from and how he became the man that stood up for a large portion of our nation's oppressed citizens, we get this admittedly very detailed look at how the political system of that time was manipulated and the means by which Lincoln himself orchestrated the passing of a bill that under any other circumstances never stood a chance. Spielberg's film and Day-Lewis' performance are both strong and perfectly highlight this important moment in U.S. history, but sadly those strengths only help to magnify the film's unfortunate limited scope and lack of interest in its title character.

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