Netflix Announces Multi-Year Agreement with The Walt Disney Company

Examiner: Netflix today announced that it has signed a new multi-year deal with The Walt Disney Company, that will give it exclusive U.S. rights to offer first-run-live-action and animated feature films from Walt Disney Studios.

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Soldierone2266d ago

I hope they get more! Take things away from On Demand and Pay Per View. Those services shouldn't be as expensive as they are!

aviator1892266d ago

we gotta wait until 2016 for this deal to go into effect for us?? ...lame, but still cool.

Soldierone2265d ago

Kinda awkward watching the dates too. By the time some deals kick in, other deals expire. Doesn't the dreamworks deal end in 2016?

kingPoS2266d ago

When does that Dreamworks deal go into effect? 2013 or was 2014?

Lord_Sloth2266d ago

Netflix is gonna be put in that damned vault! Get it before it's GONE!!!