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Comic Book Men: Stan The Man: Comic Book.Com Review

In the “Stan The Man” episode of Comic Book Men, a seller brings in a copy of the first issue of The Walking Dead, which has sold for as high as $10,000 in perfect condition. After looking at some condition issues with this particular comic, Walt says he doesn’t think it will go for more than $700. Walt wants the comic, but he is unable to agree on a purchase price with the seller.

Stan Lee arrives at the Secret Stash for a photo shoot. Walt tells Stan Lee that it’s a honor to meet him. Stan Lee shakes everyone’s hand but misses Bryan, who moans that Stan Lee doesn’t care about him. Stan Lee quickly rectifies the situation, shaking Bryan’s hand and pointing out that it looks like he didn’t shave this morning.

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alycakes3497d ago

We like watching this show. It's a lot of fun and real for us. We like comics and all the stuff that comes along with it. This week was extra special getting to see Stan Lee on the show.

I don't like that they're moving it to another night. Sunday nights has been the perfect time for us to watch it because nothing else is on that time of the night. It may have to take second to another show now.

3495d ago