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Independent Cinema - Hitchcock Review

Independent Cinema writes: The legacy of Alfred Hitchcock lives on in his wide assortment of suspense films, some of which took their time to become classics, and others that became instant hits upon release. Psycho was one of his films that received mixed reviews critically, yet was adored by audiences, becoming a box office success for Hitchcock and ultimately maintaining itself as the highest grossing film of his career. The production on the film has been noteworthy for several reasons, such as the lack of studio support from Paramount, a change of style for Hitchcock, and battles with the Motion Picture Production Code. In Hitchcock, all of this is addressed and then this biopic of the master of suspense becomes a film trying to walk the line between fact and fiction. The world is introduced to a peeping tom, always watching everything, obsessed with blondes, worried about how his film is received, and married to Alma Reville (Helen Mirren) who acts more as a mother figure than anything else. Acting aside, the movie has but a few mere moments of entertainment before it slouches back into its attempt to craft a fictional life behind one of the greatest directors of all time, in an extremely boring fashion.

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