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Dexter “Helter Skelter” | Geekenstein Review

“Tell me tell me tell me come on tell me the answer” are lyrics from “Helter Skelter,” a Beatles’ song and, quite frankly, not only the name of Dexter’s last episode but a kind of thematic guide for the seventh season of Dexter. Last season when Debbie Morgan discovered that she was in love with Dexter there was a collective gasp. How would this possible incest dynamic play out was a question that was on many viewers’ minds; instead of answering that directly, the writers of Dexter decided to reveal Dexter’s dark passenger to Debra and this season has been a culmination of these reveals. In the last episode she revealed the true extent of her feelings towards Dexter only to shock him, not to mention complicate things since he is having a romantic liaison with another serial killer that Debra loathes." - Marvin Dupree of

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