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Latino Review - "We Know Who The Bad Guy Is In ‘Justice League’"

Latino Review

Mayimbe here…

So back in October, Ben Fritz over at the L.A. Times reported that Warner Bros is running full steam ahead with getting a Justice League movie on the big screen by summer 2015.

As of this morning, the search is still ongoing for a director and subject to how Man Of Steel performs, shooting should get underway next year. Now in case you been living under a rock the past year, everybody else knows that Marvel is dropping the sequel to The Avengers that summer as well. That is some pretty stiff competition.

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Crazay3490d ago

Before you go ahead and report this - Tagging is broken, we all know it. Jl and the mods know it and JL has said to continue posting despite the inability to tag. So stop reporting articles for not having tags.

Crazay3490d ago

Now that piece is out of the way, if having Darkseid as the main bad guy holds to be true, then I think we're all in for an awesome roller coaster ride with the Justice League. Personally I'd have really liked to see him in Man of Steel as opposed to Zod (don't get me wrong Zod is awesome) because it's been done already.

Another arc I would have loved to see with Man of Steel is Doomsday.

darklordzor3490d ago

I think this makes the most sense. I mean in the New 52 Justice League comics, they introduce Darkseid in a great way that helps bring everyone together. I'm just hoping all of his other little cronies don't have too big a role. I think that'd be too distracting.

Soldierone3490d ago

My only concern is them going so big on the first try. How will they follow it up? That shall be interesting.

The other bad thing is all the wannabe Marvel fans thinking DC is copying Marvel, since they have Thanos in Avengers 2. Fact is Darkseid was first, is better ( :P ), and is normally the first villain for any Justice League storyline. He is actually a really big part of the DC Universe so this will be interesting.

Now we just need to see what they are doing with Batman.

DarkBlood3490d ago

Well im hoping it introduces the next batman and that solo movies will share the same actor

maybe well get a epic music introduction at the begiing like the anime or cartoon whatever it was classified as lol or have it play at the end know what im saying

well they are both interesting but it will be interesting to see Darkseid this time for real instead of some big tease in smallville finale no matter how great that episode was to me

also De Ja Vu i feel like you said that post before lol

Ben_Grimm3489d ago

I personally wish they wouldn't do a Justice League just yet. But just do excellent trilogies of some of the JL characters like GL, Wonder Woman and Flash.

Wonder Woman is long over due. It's a shame when her animated movie is miles and miles better than anything she has ever done damn near EVER!

Soldierone3489d ago

I absolutely loved her animated movie. It was so well done, I wonder why Hollywood never looked at it and thought "we can do this more in depth" It's the perfect setup.

I think I'm excited for a Justice League movie. I read the comics for years, and its all I read with the exception of Spider-man.

I am really interested in the other heroes movies though. Can't wait for Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman. I'm curious if Green Arrow will still get a shot?

Deadpool6163489d ago

If this movie succeeds or fails, I'm still quite happy with the animated Justice League series. DC Animation never stopped being awesome.

Soldierone3489d ago

I own almost all the seasons on DVD :P I just need the last Unlimited seasons :D

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