Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

Some say it is, some say it isn't. Let's figure this out. Yippie kay yay, Mother Russia!

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hay3489d ago

Then it's the only Christmas movie in history that was released in July.

jony_dols3489d ago

One of the most iconic Christmas songs (in the UK at least) is Jona Lewie's 'Stop the Cavalry' & that was originally released in the Summer, & was later adapted as a Christmas song. So why not, consider Die Hard a Xmas film!

DERKADER3490d ago

The movie begins and ends with Christmas songs. It's one of the best Christmas movies.

Soldierone3490d ago

You can't say it isn't anymore than you can say it is. If you think its a Christmas movie, then it is. When even TV stations are touting it as one, it's hard to say otherwise.

The only argument you can really put against it is "well it isn't focused on Christmas themes" and to be honest a lot of romantic comedies etc....considered Christmas movies don't either.

calis3490d ago

One of the best ones out there.

Camza3490d ago

Yes, I only ever watch it at Christmas.

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The story is too old to be commented.