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What The Redbox Instant Streaming Needs to Thrive

Triverse writes, "So, there is talk about this new Redbox Instant or whatever involving Verizon Wireless. The idea is that it will compete with and Redbox to supply streaming video for a fee each month. The price is rumored to be $6 a month (plus 4 rental tokens for physical locations) plus the option to rent other videos starting at $0.99 each. This is because the selection is expected to be smaller than the competition."

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Soldierone3492d ago

It won't be useful. Hollywood already hates Redbox, and Redbox is still trying to get licenses back. Now other sources like Blockbuster etc... are trying to block them the best they can. Netflix has the same issue with On Demand trying to make "exclusive" deals etc....

The market is becoming too cluttered with nimrods. When it was just Blockbuster and Netflix it was fun. Now its a high priced mess. Anyone trying to keep the prices down (Redbox and Netflix) get screwed by the companies gladly forcing you to pay 5 dollars for 24 hour digital rents.....

I say this won't work because we already have "free" services like Crackle and its really old movies with slow transitions to get new things.... There will be really no point. 4 "free" movies and the option to watch a library smaller than netflix?

triverse3492d ago

I agree, the service is going to be hard to justify to the average person to use this service too unless they are able to nail the exclusives in some manner. That is where they are going to have to take the digital battle, exclusives. I am just not sure that Verizon and Redbox are going to be willing to spend the money to get those exclusives.

Soldierone3492d ago

The thing is, even if they want to they probably can't. Hollywood won't sell anything to Netflix and Redbox because they make more money from companies like On Demand. these companies charge WAY too much to rent things, but overall make massive amounts of money.

In order for Redbox to compete, they'd need to raise prices (which ruins the purpose of the company ). Look how much Netflix had to pay just for Toy Story 3..... Redbox already went through this when Hollywood said "raise your price, or quit offering our new movies"

Only way I see this happening is if Verizon utilizes it like Dish Network and works it into the contract with their customers. Even then I doubt it, its Verizon. They would charge you for battery usage if they could. Lets say Verizon isn't greedy and does it, well thats millions of subscribers which shoots the price of licenses up, ask Starz how that works.

There just isn't a need for yet another streaming service, and as of now I see no reason for Redbox to venture into this area.

triverse3492d ago

@Soldierone I agree, they will probably not have the financial clout to go through with a viable option in the content area that is actually going to play into bringing in the fans that they will need to make the service a success.

I agree with you 100% about the prices for On Demand and similar services- their prices are WAY too high ot be viable for fans to use more than sparsely.