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Colin Trevorrow To Helm Disney's Flight Of The Navigator Remake


Well it ain't no Star Wars. Variety is reporting that Safety Not Guaranteed director, Colin Trevorrow, is being lined up to helm Disney's remake of the 1980 cult sci-fi classic, Flight Of The Navigator.

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Crazay3503d ago


There is absolutely nothing wrong with going back to this movie.

Lord_Sloth3502d ago

It's going to star a smartass kid this time. Just watch.

Seriously though I always watched this movie when I was a kid and I hope they do it justice.

barb_wire3502d ago

You watch them get Jaden Smith for this..

Crazay3502d ago


Lord_Sloth3502d ago

BOOM! Childhood even further ruined, just like Karate Kid learning Kung Fu...