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Life of Pi Review | FleshEatingZipper

FleshEatingZipper says: "The big movie studios still face a challenge in attempting to convince audiences that 3D is anything more than a fad. Half assed efforts like those from hack director Paul W.S. Anderson, or worse, terrible attempts to post-convert 2D films into 3D, certainly don’t lend the process much legitimacy. And yet there are a few films that show what 3D technology can look like when employed by an expert craftsman—Avatar, Prometheus, and Hugo were all worth seeing in theaters just for the visual spectacle. Those films proved that 3D could be more than a gimmick, that 3D may eventually become as indispensable to the filmmaking process as color cinematography or sound. Ang Lee’s visually striking adaptation of Life of Pi joins this small yet distinguished company. Life of Pi is a poetic, somewhat inert feature that is entirely worth seeing in theaters if just to see how gorgeously Ang Lee employs 3D technology."

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