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Pacific Rim (2013) Official Trailer - Pacific Rim is an upcoming sci-fi action movie directed by Guillermo del Toro based on a screenplay by Travis Beacham. Watch an official movie trailer.

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StarWarsFan3512d ago

Terrible trailer. Is this really the official one? It's weak and seems more like a sample of the opening credits.

darklordzor3512d ago

Wow, this is completely and utterly fake. Are we really allowing something like this on Filmwatch now?

Seriously, let's not try and pass off fake trailers as real movie news. The trailer hasn't been released yet, it will be soon, Del Toro has talked about it coming soon.

Deadpool6163512d ago

I knew something was iffy when it said "Produced by Idris Elba". How did this fake get approved?

Unztayble3512d ago

what the hell was that crap!?

hazelamy3512d ago

well, that was disappointing.

i don't mind a good fake trailer, and that one was decent for a fake, so long as i'm aware it's a fake.

passing off a fake as the real thing pisses me off though.

is that site that desperate for hits?

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