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The Walking Dead: Why Is Glenn Screaming In New "When The Dead Come Knocking" Promo?


Looks like Glenn and Maggie are in for a world of hurt in next week's episode of AMC's hit television series The Walking Dead. Plus a new photo from "When The Dead Come Knocking" reveals the members of Rick's rescue team.

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alycakes3515d ago

Maggie better not be dead! That's all I have to say.

Crazay3515d ago

I don't think so. Too obvious...WHat we might see will be on everyone's lips come Monday morning though.

aDDicteD3515d ago

cant wait what happens in this episode, it looks to be an intense one.

StarWarsFan3514d ago

They're always screaming at something.

ironfist923514d ago

You figure they'd just roll their eyes whenever they see a Walker now, not sure what the screamings for. Dramatic affect? Why are they still scared after everything theyve been through.

No different to confronting a large carnivorous sloth, imo.

Lord_Sloth3514d ago

Wonder if Maggie isn't going to suffer the fate that original befell Michonne in the comics at the hands of the Governer.

Crazay3514d ago

That's pretty well where I see all this going.