Fox Developing Pot Legalization Movement Comedy From ‘Entourage’ Producers

DL: The marijuana legalization movement gained major momentum in the recent November elections as measures to regulate the drug made it to the ballot in three Western states and passed in two — Colorado and Washington — with several others working on similar legislation. Now the grass-roots campaign is set as the backdrop for a comedy in development at Fox.

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StarWarsFan3502d ago

Maybe they could really focus on serious problems like health care, poverty and the cost of college than the legalization of pot.

StarWarsFan3501d ago

Yeah, but it's things like the legalization of pot that get more attention. Give me a break. What kind of groundbreaking project could this be? Every comedy on TV and in movies seems to have stoners in it nowadays. What fresh new material could this project really have?

calis3501d ago

Not many people are going to watch a show on the legit issues in the world.

andron3501d ago

It's all about the money...