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Paranormal Activity 5 Gets a Release Date

After opening up to $30 million on just a $5 million budget, it was no surprise that Paramount would want to continue the Paranormal Activity after Paranormal Activity 4 proved it still had legs. And of course, only a few days after PA4‘s release, the studio announced we would get a Paranormal Activity 5. Now, we actually have a release date for that, though.

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wishingW3L3507d ago

there are 5 movies already about this? Where the hell I've been?!

calis3507d ago

wow $30 million on a $5 million budget. Paramount must be rubbing their hands together.

JL3506d ago

That's only opening weekend and only domestic box office. I think the movie has grossed upwards of $140 million so far worldwide.

They all made tons of money like that. Though will say PA4 kinda underperformed, as PA3 made over $50 million opening weekend.

calis3506d ago

I haven't seen PA4 yet, we have a tradition of watching it at home, alone.

But I am guessing with a small budget even a poorer opening is still enough for Paramount to green light sequels.

StarWarsFan3506d ago

This must be a hard release date to come up with, especially with four previous movies to act as reference points.

ssb31733501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Another one, they are just milking the series now

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