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Chris Hemsworth Marvels At 'Avengers' Success And More

Chris Hemsworth certainly has much to be thankful for this year. He's already starred in two huge blockbusters, shot a much-anticipated biopic with Ron Howard (Hemsworth plays famed Formula 1 race car driver James Hunt) and, last but certainly not least, he's added the title of "dad" to his résumé (his wife Elsa Pataky gave birth to a daughter in May).

But we at MTV News are thankful too — not just for Hemsworth's blossoming career, but for the colossal against-all-odds fan favorite that "The Avengers" became. We're still not sure how Joss Whedon did it, but we can say we're happy he did, and we're thrilled he's coming back for more with the sequel, due in 2015.

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