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New Images Of Sylvester Stallone's 'Bullet To The Head'

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While we didn’t have much hopes for the Walter Hill and Sylvester Stallone collaboration, “Bullet In The Head,” the film premiered at the Rome Film Festival last week and it made quite the impression on on our own Jessica Kiang who called it both "extraordinarily silly" yet a "geniunely fun" throwback to the mindless action flicks of the 1980s.. And now, a batch of new images have emerged for from the action film to give you a closer look.

The new images, befitting a film as manly as director Walter Hill’s first film in 10 years, features many images of muscled Stallone and Jason Momoa alongside the snivelly Christian Slater. Weapons are also extensively featured, including a look at the climax which involves dueling axes. Which you have to admit is pretty rad.

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alycakes3514d ago

Some really good pictures on this one