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Battered Ryan Gosling In New Stills From 'Only God Forgives'

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Following up last year’s Drive, the duo of Ryan Gosling and Nicholas Winding Refn are crafting a reportedly even more violent film with Only God Forgives, set in the Thai boxing underworld. Today we’ve got some new behind-the-scenes stills of our bloodied lead star, as well as some news from the first footage unveiling of Cannes. For this first footage, Refn is reportedly going the same route with vibrant visuals and pop music (this time M83) over a scene of harsh violence. Having loved Drive, I certainly wouldn’t mind a spiritual sequel of sorts, but I’m looking forward to what else the talented Refn creates. Check out a portion of AICN‘s report below and the rest on their site for the 3-minute scene that is near the beginning of the film, as well as the new stills.

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