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Dexter Review: "Argentina" [Geek Binge]

Geek Binge: Everyone wants an “Argentina,” says Dexter in this week’s aptly–titled episode. He refers to it as somewhere the slate is wiped clean. Like pretty much any place, it’s somebody’s idea of a fresh start. But it’s still just a place. That is, if Hannah is telling the truth. Does anybody have any reason to think that she is? I thought not. This week had blasts from the past, long awaited conversations, and two of the most philosophical psychopaths in the world hashing out their differences in a gay bar. You might say, tonight’s episode had something for everyone.

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timmyp533509d ago

I didn't like Hannah at first but she is beginning to grow on me. So nice to see astor and cody again too! I wonder what will happen next for Debra and Dex considering she revealed her feelings for him.