Rowan Atkinson: "I Don't Want To Play Mr. Bean Anymore"

Toronto Sun

British actor Rowan Atkinson fears the end is in sight for his beloved comedy creation Mr. Bean as playing him has become "childish and sad".

Atkinson's famously bumbling character debuted on British television in 1990, with the Mr. Bean show running for five years and spawning two successful movies and a cartoon spin off.

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theuberreviews3504d ago

I thought he already said Mr Beans holiday would be his last appearance as Bean?

sjaakiejj3504d ago

Problem with actors like him pursuing more serious roles is that society sees him as Mr. Bean, just like society sees Sasha Cohen as Borat. It'll be difficult to take people like him seriously due to the roles they had in the past.

StarWarsFan3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

He has a point, especially when you consider how long it took to make a sequel to the first Mr. Bean movie. He'll be in his 60's by the time they get around to a third movie.

KingPin3503d ago

well, he always has his masters in electrical engineering to fall back on.

thing is, he can be quite funny and he cant do one character all his life.

as for sasha cohen, as mentioned above, he is more known as ali-G than borat.