Independent Cinema - Seven Psychopaths Review

Independent Cinema writes: For years, Colin Farrell was an actor yearning for that single role that would break him free. Following numerous attempts at action, most of which were rather lackluster, the Irish-born actor drifted onto dramas and even an epic (Oh Alexander…) before finally settling for another comedy. John Crowley’s 2003 dark comedy Intermission had garnered him much praise, and it was due time for a return to form (again, Alexander…). Then came Martin McDonagh, Oscar-winning writer/director with only a single short film under his belt, Six Shooter, a pitch-black comedy starring Brendan Gleeson. The pair, along with Gleeson and Ralph Fiennes among others, went to work on what would become In Bruges. As darkly humorous as it was thought-provoking and introspective, McDonagh’s big-screen debut rapidly became something of a cult hit, revitalizing Farrell’s career in the process; he had finally found his niche.

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