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Fringe Review: “Five-Twenty-Ten” [Geek Binge]

Geek Binge: Well guys, this is the mid-point. From here on in, Season 5 of Fringe has more episodes behind it than it does in front of it. With only six episodes left to conclude practically every single plotline of the show, this is the point where the pressure is REALLY on. So now more than ever, the question must be asked; is Fringe on the right path to achieve final season success…or do we have another Lost Season 6 on our hands? And that’s what gets me worried.

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aviator1893507d ago

I don't think so. It's already doing a million times better in the story regards that lost did. Lost was a fantastic show and this one's pretty great as well. This ep deserves a 9/10. A bit slow, but smart nevertheless.

TheCritic283506d ago

Trust me, I don't want that for the show either and, even though I still defend the final season of Lost, I feel like Fringe will go out much stronger than that one did.

timmyp533506d ago

I want to see September again. Then I'll die happy.