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Independent Cinema - The Cabin in the Woods Review

Independent Cinema writes: Oh how advertising can absolutely ruin your excitement to see a film. Being marketed as a generic, run-of-the-mill horror film is the worst thing that can happen to you from a critical standpoint, but from a commercial point of view, there’s a high chance of success. People don’t go to horror films to think, they go to be scared. How I would have loved to have been in the audience when The Cabin in the Woods premiered in theaters. To see those expecting a generic horror film introduced to two characters who begin the film by talking about fertility issues in what seems like a clip from The Office, must have been an incredible experience. This film is the perfect deconstruction and criticism of horror films, while still being a solid addition to the horror franchise. But what I will try to express throughout this review is that there is so much more to The Cabin in the Woods, from homages to outright insults, all while delivering the perfect mix of horror and wonder. This movie is more than what the advertisements sold it as, and there is no shortage of enjoyment for horror fans and those who normally avoid horror films like the plague.

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