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Netflix CEO: Amazon Losing Up to $1 Billion a Year on Streaming Video

Reed Hastings says that, one day, Amazon will provide real competition for Netflix. But the Netflix CEO says Jeff Bezos will have to spend a lot of money before that happens: Hastings says Amazon is losing between $500 million and a $1 billion a year as it acquires streaming video content rights.

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Soldierone3505d ago

It's nice to see two companies actually show respect for once though. While he is somewhat taking a shot, he goes on to say "they are a great competitor." Normally its "they suck, we better! rawr!" lol

That being said Amazon also operated one of the biggest business' around elsewhere, and is probably taking in a lot more than 1 billion so its not "that" big of a deal. the issue I have is that they are putting this money into the market, so why isn't Netflix still doing it? Your company is ONLY video content, so you might want to do the same? no?

Enigma_20993500d ago

... and if they focused solely on streaming video, that would mean something.