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Shortlist Analysis: No Matter Who Gets The Harry Osborn Role In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, We Win

Geek Binge: Judging by all the talk we’ve heard regarding The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it’s hard to believe that the first film only came out in theaters four months ago. Yeah, I guess this happens when a studio fast tracks a project through development—things jump into gear quicker than hell. We already know the director, the new love interest, the bad guy, and who could possibly be playing the bad guy. And today, we got confirmation from The Hollywood Reporter about who would be playing Peter Parker’s best pal Harry Osborn in the sequel. Harry’s a complicated character with an interesting background in pretty much every iteration of the Spider-Man mythology, so getting a good actor for the part is pretty damn important. Thankfully, I don’t think we’ll have to worry so much, since the three candidates so far more than fit the bill. We’ll break down all three.

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ReconHope3517d ago

sigh...I think i'm going to wait to download this....legally of course.

Lord_Sloth3517d ago

But of course.

*wink wink*

Simon_Brezhnev3517d ago

I'm sick of the same ole villains i want to see some new ones. Spidey does have a lot. Well im just going to download this and watch the action scenes like i did with amazing spider man.

adorie3517d ago

So far no film maker has the "balls" to do Carnage. Kraven would be nice too.

Simon_Brezhnev3516d ago

Your right i want to see Carnage so bad. You know they wont do Carnage unless they show Venom first. Since they mad Spidey so kid friendly they definitely not going to show Carnage murder spree. LOL

kingPoS3516d ago

Umm... the guy in the middle.