First Clip and New Image from Texas Chainsaw 3D

The first clip and a new image from the upcoming horror film Texas Chainsaw 3D have been released. The film is a direct sequel to the 1974 original and picks up where that film left off: a young woman has escaped the horrors of the Sawyer family and alerted authorities. The townspeople descend on the Sawyer household and burn it to the ground, seemingly putting an end to the family’s reign of terror. The story then jumps forward to present day where a young woman has inherited a Texas estate from a grandmother she didn’t know she had, and naturally things take a dark turn when she goes snooping around. This clip features Leatherface chasing down a couple of young, good-looking people (as he is wont to do), and I enjoy that he’s having so much fun that he takes the time to do a little skip with his chainsaw.

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