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Oscar Watch: Does The Dark Knight Rises Really Stand a Chance at This Years Oscars?

Geek Binge: Earlier this week, the official Oscar campaign for Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises” kicked off with a website solely dedicated to the film’s Oscar hopes accompanied by Variety’s own cover of their daily issue , touting high praises and accolades like “potent, persuasive and hypnotic”, “epic and magisterial” “masterful filmmaking by any standard”. The cover itself and the beginning of this campaign raised a lot of questions for me, one of the most dominant of those questions being “what on earth does the word ‘magisterial’ even mean?” But the other question we must ask is simple: Does The Dark Knoght Rises have a shot?

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aDDicteD3507d ago

yes dark knight rises might be included in the best picture race since the category is pushed to ten entries and the dark knight got snubbed in recent years. and of course dark knight rises is also a great film by itself. it might not win best picture but certainly it can get 3-4 other awards in various categories.