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Skyfall Review | Examiner

Examiner writes: The hype machine has been working overtime for Bond's latest venture. After a four year hiatus from cinemas (due to MGM's financial woes) and a lackluster follow up ("Quantum of Solace") to arguably the franchises best entry in decades ("Casino Royale"), the studio and Bond in general really needed to jump start people's interest in the world's greatest secret agent again. Well, mission succeeded. "Skyfall" successfully integrates all the traditional Bond elements that had weighed down the franchise in the past such as flamboyant villains and silly gadgets without succumbing to their faults, while also creating a film that at once feels familiar and a significant departure mostly due to legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins' beautiful imagery and director Sam Mendes injecting a surprising amount of character depth to a franchise whose characters have mostly been fairly one note up until now.

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