Revolution: "Ties That Bind" Review | IGN

IGN: Full spoilers for the episode follow.
Revolution is settling into a nice groove now. “Ties That Bind” accomplished a lot – filling in some pieces of the backstory of one of the regulars, raising the stakes for our heroes and showing the less than stable situation brewing within the Monroe camp.

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titanius7193507d ago

Thanks for the link. Since my Hopper from DISH has been automatically recording the big four networks during prime time I have been enjoying a lot of shows I have never seen due to my work schedule and Revolution has to be my favorite. I started watching in the middle of the season so it was nice getting some background on a few of the characters. No one in my office at DISH, me included, saw the betrayal coming either. With how fast the plot has been moving the last few weeks I am positive that Miles and Charlie are going to catch up to Miles in the next episode.