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'Homeland' Creator: Show Taps Into Fear of Terror

JP: Speaking at a homeland security conference organized by the Israel Export Institute in Tel Aviv, Raff said: “After 9/11 it was pretty obvious who was bad and who was good. As a society, we needed to know that we were being protected. That’s why shows like ‘24’ were popular - because Jack Bauer would kill the bad guy and then we would all be safe." He continued, “Ten years later, and especially after two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the killing of Bin Laden, I think we’re now asking ourselves what the War on Terror looks like, why these people hate us so much, where the next strike is coming from and what the enemy looks like.”

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timmyp533517d ago

The first season of Homeland did a great job at showing both sides of the fence. I wonder if Brody is still muslim. Haven't seen him pray recently. All reformed and stuff now(allegedly).