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Does Joaquin Phoenix’s Anti-Oscar Oration Actually Help His Chances?

Vulture: Immediately following the posting of a piece in Interview magazine in which Joaquin Phoenix declaimed the Oscar race as “total, utter bullshit” was the general assessment that he had just tanked his nomination prospects, despite his towering, grumbling performance in Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master. IndieWire headlined its piece “Joaquin Phoenix Says Goodbye to His Oscar Chances.” Even Vulture’s first take proclaimed, “Joaquin Phoenix Really Does Not Want An Oscar.” But, in fact, a compelling argument can be made that there's a good chance that Phoenix will still be nominated.

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ReconHope3510d ago

Well if it ruined his chances than the oscars are more favoritism than it they are actually judging the best performances. And that is just a sad thought.

Soldierone3509d ago

They probably will give it to him just to make a statement. I think he is right though, its basically people trying pat themselves on the back and throw a party for their closest friend.

Look at how irrelevant Oscars are to normal people these days. Ratings are slipping, and people get mad over who wins. Personally I see "Won best picture" on the box and I'll second guess buying the movie....