Listen To The Hobbit’s Credits Song “Song Of The Lonely Mountain”

Neil Finn's version of "Song of the Lonely Mountain" has been released. The link is inside with another video of the in-film song "Beneath The Mountain" featuring the dwarves of The Hobbit.

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alycakes3782d ago

I think the musical score of the movie is just as important as anything else. It's a big part of the movie and can make or break how a person reacts to the film.

Simon_Brezhnev3782d ago

Thats how i feel most of the time too. I wish they focused more on musical scores for movies.

calis3781d ago

I saw The Fellowship of the Ring with a live orchestra playing. It was amazing.

alycakes3781d ago

I wish I could have done that...I'll bet it was wonderful.

calis3781d ago

It was.

They're doing it for The Two Towers early next year down here and we are considering going to that as well.
My g/f who never saw Lord of the Rings before hand loved it.