Adam McKay Says 'Anchorman 2' Will Have Musical Numbers and Gives His Cast Wish List

IW: To say that Adam McKay is busy would be an understatement. The writer/producer/director has about a half dozen various projects on the go, and when we caught up with him this afternoon, he was in the midst of doing interviews for dark indie comedy "Fully Loaded," which he executive produced. Directed by Shira Piven, and written by and starring Paula Killen and Lisa Orkin (who based it on their play from Uprights Citizens Brigade), the film chronicles one night on the town with two single Moms, whose journey for a hook up finds them comedically reflecting on their lives, past relationships, children and more.

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StarWarsFan3779d ago

Cool. I liked the first one, but I also think it had some flaws. Some things were just slow and overextended.