Read The Original Draft Of Prometheus By Jon Spaihts, Titled Alien: Engineers

Ridley Scott's Prometheus is clearly connected to the larger Alien universe, but the connection actually used to be a lot stronger. Prior to bringing Damon Lindelof coming aboard for a rewrite, 20th Century Fox had hired writer Jon Spaihts to pen the original drafts of what was originally going to be a more on-the-nose prequel to Scott's 1979 sci-fi/horror classic. Titled Alien: Engineers, the version of the story was much more obviously connected to the first four movies and even featured both chest-bursters and facehuggers. And now you can read for yourself what it could have been.

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akaFullMetal3354d ago

Had this script made it, it would of made it so everyone would of loved Prometheus. I read it, and now understand the movie so much better, since they cut some the big things that explain what happened. The way fifield or whatever got bit by a bug, or changed because it was a animal that is suppose to inject something that changed our dna.
It was used for thousands of years on humans to make us become smarter and smarter. This plus other small things are explained that make the movie better.