Arrow “Damaged” Review

"After the shocking conclusion of “An Innocent Man,” I was looking forward to seeing how Oliver would handle his Arrow persona possibly being discovered by none other than Detective Lance and how this could have affected Olive’s relationship with his family and better yet, Laurel. The main theme present throughout this entire episode, besides the fact that the public could have found out about Oliver’s secret identity, was that Oliver’s possible PTSD issue comes back into the focus of the story. We’ve seen in past episodes that, yes, Oliver is a little messed up from his time spend stranded on the island, but I feel that besides the first episode, the show hasn’t really touched on it as being “important” as they have with this episode. Before now, Oliver’s various short showings of PTSD could be considered an afterthought by viewers. Since Oliver gets stuck on house arrest and is being watched by the police, he can’t don his Arrow identity, and this situation seems to have come at the worst possible time since there is a notorious gun smuggler in town." - David Rhinehart

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