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Selena Gomez Spotted Staking Out In New ‘Getaway’ Action Flick First Movie Photo

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Selena Gomez spotted staking out in new ‘Getaway’ action flick first movie photo. Recently, this new,”first look”movie pic from Selena Gomez’s new action flick “Getaway,” hit the net and features Selena’s character ,handling her business with actor Ethan Hawke’s character. It looks like some sort of car stakeout scene.

Selena is sporting a cool hoodie and baseball cap look. The movie is about a retired race car driver who tries to track down his kidnapped wife with the help of a younger female computer hacker. Selena recently chatted about the film before going to film it,stating, “It’s really, really exciting. I go to Bulgaria and then I start filming. It’s more of an action movie, which is also different.”

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