Chloe Moretz Dons Purple Wig As She Morphs Back Into Hit-Girl To Film Fight Scenes For Kick-Ass 2

The Daily Mail

And while the 15-year-old is a few years older than when she starred in the first film, she was instantly recognisable in her superhero outfit.
The Hugo star had donned her character's trademark purple wig and eye mask as she tussled with the stuntmen for the cameras.
And while her character is supposed to be adjusting to life as a normal girl following the events of the first film, it seems this is ultimately unsuccessful if the pictures are anything to go by.

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-MD-3792d ago

I feel like the character of hit-girl loses a lot of her appeal when she's a foot taller.

Either way I watched the first one 8 times, I'll be there for this one.

ReconHope3792d ago

Kids grow. Just think of it as realism.

Crazay3792d ago

Her being a little older changes nothing in the movie for me. I'll just think of it as 2 yrs having passed since the first as opposed to how the comic does it right away