Zack Snyder On Directing New ‘Star Wars’ Movie: No Thanks

LA Times

Take Zack Snyder off the shortlist of directors vying to helm one of the three new “Star Wars” movies that are now in the works.

The director of “Watchmen” and “Man of Steel” knows a thing or two about spectacle and handling massive franchises with a rabid fan following, but taking on “Star Wars” may be too daunting, even for him.

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Crazay3368d ago

I love Snyder's directing style and think he's got a great vision but I really don't think he's the best choice for the series. He's a little too "comic-book-y" and he's right. This is going to be a very very slippery slope to walk for whoever jumps into the chair. The puritans are going to crap all over it until they see what's on screen.

Soldierone3368d ago

Proving something I said in a comment elsewhere. Directors should be scared of this. No matter what they do, they are going to take heat. Which is why I think its best to get someone new.

Crazay3368d ago

Ya I don't think anyone disputed what you said. It's a huge responsibility that, personally, I wouldn't want to take on...Hell i don't even think Spielberg would want to touch this.

sjaakiejj3368d ago

Exactly.. Friends of mine are already claiming the films will suck, so with opinions like that formed before production has even started on the films it becomes a very risky project to take on for any director.

Crazay3368d ago

That's just a really crappy stance to take so early on in the EARLY development of the series.

sjaakiejj3367d ago

It is, yet it is also the stance he and many other Star Wars fans take.

Soldierone3367d ago

It's everywhere too. Look online at how many Star wars fans are mad its happening, and we had a few articles here that were saying how bad they will be lol

denero13367d ago

that's nerds for you and so called super fans -.- they love the series so much but don't want the story expanded but at the end of the day they only make up a minority

StarWarsFan3367d ago

I'm glad he doesn't want it. I wouldn't want it to even be given to him.