Supernatural: "Southern Comfort": IGN Review

The monster of the week in this week’s episode of Supernatural, titled “Southern Comfort”, conveniently gave Sam and Dan a chance to help them work through their own issues. And they have a lot of issues, that is for sure. Plus, Garth!

Since Garth (played by DJ Qualls) has not always been my favorite recurring character, I will admit that I cringed a little bit when I saw that he would make a return appearance to the show. However, this time around Garth was not only a more competent hunter in general, but he was much less annoying all around, the Texas Ranger getup aside. As soon as the multiple cell phones made their appearance in Garth’s jacket, I was reminded of Bobby and his line of phones at his house. The update to cell phones was clever, although Garth couldn’t quite nail the rest of Bobby’s repertoire. His trucker hat was crooked, but more importantly, he didn’t know how to properly use key phrases like “balls!” or “idjits!”

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alycakes3788d ago

It wasn't one of the better episodes but I do like Garth so much that I still enjoyed seeing him back.