‘Star Wars’: Indie Director Colin Trevorrow a Potential Candidate to Direct ‘Episode VII’


Right now, the most coveted assignments in Hollywood are who will write and direct the next Star Wars movie.

Everyone from Christopher Nolan to Joss Whedon and Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn are reportedly on the short-list of filmmakers who are in talks to helm Episode VII.

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Crazay3794d ago

Can't help but wonder if a no namer is really the right way to go with this one. On one hand he just may have some great ideas and really surprise everyone but on the other hand, does Disney really want to hand over a series that's sure to receive so much scrutiny to someone of that ilk?

TheDailySuperHero3794d ago

The name of this franchise alone will make one well-known director sign on to helm it. (Brad Bird please.)

Soldierone3794d ago

I think a fresh new director is the way to go. It's going to create a new director for Disney, be cheaper, and overall not going to hurt anything. If the director makes a terrible movie, replace him for the next one, it won't hurt sales at all. It's Star Wars.

On the other hand does an indie director want to take it? It's Star Wars. It could be the most amazing movie ever made and Star Wars fans are still going to throw a fit and cry about it.....

(I'm a Star Wars fan lol, but anyone can see this happening)

Crazay3794d ago

All valid points. The only things i really care about is recapturing the original magic and making sure the original cast is in there in some way. I don't care if they aren't the main focus but they have to have roles that at very least are bigger than mere cameos

StarWarsFan3794d ago

Certainly a tough choice.