A Good Day to Die Hard : More Plot, Where’s Atherton?, Set Video

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With the most recent trailer of two weeks or so ago receiving mixed responses, the plot of the fifth installment of the ”Die Hard” franchise, entitled ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ is slowly being revealed. It’s no secret that I have my own vested interest and affection towards this love it or hate it action franchise, but over the years, with it, I have gained myself some friends (and foes) and reel in some inside info every so often on what’s what in ‘Die Hard’ world.

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timmyp533361d ago

Stupid C-rank. I totally had this queued to submit. At least not limit the freaking tips.

Crazay3361d ago

Can't wait to see this. I still say that I liked Aaron Paul for the role better but this is going to be an awesome movie regardless.

timmyp533360d ago

I couldn't see him playing McClane's son. That'd be weird. I wonder if he was approached though.

Crazay3360d ago

It was rumoured that it was between the 2 actors in the end.