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Maximum Conviction Blu-ray Review- ( Writes:
It works on a basic level and achieves what it sets out to accomplish, which is admirable. The movie is built for viewers in search of raw action and will rightly turn away those looking for more dramatic depth. At least it's focused. Anchor Bay's Blu-ray release of Maximum Conviction features strong video and audio presentations. A few extras are included. Die-hard Action fans will enjoy a rental and maybe even a purchase when and if the price drops down below $10.


Top 12 Best Video Game Movie and TV Adaptations of All Time, Ranked

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The Top 10 Rarest Blu-Ray Movies That Are Worth a Small Fortune

Collecting Blu-Ray movies has gotten harder in the era of streaming - but you'll never believe how expensive these rare movies are.

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Dune Part Two Review – A Narrative Spectacle | The Outerhaven

When a messiah is needed, does it matter how a planet gets one? That's what we'll discuss in our Dune Part Two Review!

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