Is Matthew Vaughn in Talks to Direct Star Wars Episode VII?


Over the past seven years, Collider’s track record has been pretty good. The reason is, before we run any “scoop,” we always make sure to double source it so we know the information is accurate. However, the story we are about to run has not been confirmed, and I want to make sure everyone knows this is not 100%. I only decided to run this because I trust my sources and it’s Star Wars. In addition, while I spent all weekend trying to lock this story down, all my normal connections would not go on record (or they did not know), so this is going up as a “rumor” and “unconfirmed.”

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Crazay3369d ago

Well I can't say that he would be a bad choice to take the helm for a new Star Wars movie but I was kinda hoping someone like Del Toro or Nolan would grab get the job.

Just not Peter Jackson...

pompombrum3368d ago

Del Toro? Nolan? We can dream.

Crazay3367d ago

I agree but I think Del Toro brings this incredibly vivid imagination that would lend itself REALLY well to the design and creation of new alien species and a well detailed world in general. Nolan is an incredible story teller and I think he can make the movie both true to the original with some really thoughtful story.

Ares84HU3367d ago

What's wrong with Peter Jackson??? He made amazing movies so far.

Crazay3367d ago

I think his best movie was The Frighteners. Haven't been able to stomach The Lord of the Rings. I fall asleep every time. In fact, when I'm battling a mild case of insomnia, I put one of those 3 movies into my machine and promptly fall asleep.

Ares84HU3367d ago

I have to disagree with you Crazay.

I loved the LotR trilogy from him. Those movies won a lot of oscars as well so I think you would be the minority who didn't like LotR. Also King Kong was really good too from him. Cannot wait for the Hobbit this December!!

TheCritic283369d ago

Really, this again? Well at least it's a reputable source this time.

edwest3368d ago

Vaughn had goddamn well better be directing this, that's all I can say.

The director was always going to be picked from the 'B List', so ditto to Chris Nolan, Spielberg, Del Toro et al. If this doesn't go to Vaughn it'll end up with Brad Bird, Duncan Jones or Gary Ross or alike. They'll take Marvel's method of casting medium-range directors to type.

aviator1893368d ago

I don't know...
There are so few people that come to mind when deciding for a Star Wars movie. I'd still want Lucas to helm it, but that's not going to happen.
The next person that comes to mind that can handle huge battles and drama nicely is peter jackson.

Crazay3367d ago

Please not Peter Jackson - We'll just get one long winded movie after the other with that guy.

aviator1893367d ago

Aren't star wars movies long as well?
And it's not as if jackson doesn't use that time appropriately and effectively.

ECM0NEY3368d ago

Joss Whedon or JJ Abrams pls

Panthers3367d ago

After seeing the latest Star Trek, it should be obvious that JJ Abrams should direct this. That movie is one of my favorites of all time now. And he said he wanted to make it more like Star Wars than the old Star Trek. I hope he gets it.

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