'Criminal Minds': Michelle Trachtenberg Stalks Guest Role

EW Inside TV:
Michelle Trachtenberg is scary good at playing unhinged people (Georgina Sparks, anyone?) and Criminal Minds has taken notice!

The show, currently in its eighth season, has booked Trachtenberg for an upcoming guest spot in which she plays a stalker who goes haywire after being denied a job. Bonus scoop: I’m told this episode will prominently feature Reid’s new love interest. (And no, it’s not Trachtenberg!)

She will appear in episode 12, which is slated to air early 2013.

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alycakes3797d ago

Haven't seen much of her since she played Buffy's little sister on Buffy's the Vampire Slayer....I really liked her though...can't wait to see her in a totally different role.