Superhero Movies: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Metal Arcade: Even Earth's Mightiest Heroes can't save us from all these sequels, prequels, and reboots.

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ReconHope3791d ago

Honestly getting tired off all the superhero movies. Also never thought i would ever say this but zombies are becoming very mainstream and saturated too.

timmyp533791d ago

Zombies are more prevalent in videogames then film and tv imo. heres only one been one popular zombie show on tv. I think it still has some time before it seems like its oversaturating the industry. Besides-- World War Z still hasn't come out =D. As for superheroes hell yeah its getting a bit stale in some how superheroes nowadays have to be humorous.

Deku-Johnny3790d ago

Have you seen the teaser for World War Z? From the 30 seconds I saw it looks as though if you loved the book you'll hate the film.

Deku-Johnny3790d ago

I'm all for more superhero films, as long as they're on the standard of Iron Man or TDK in terms of story, depth and special effects. I don't agree with all the reboots and remakes. There's an almost infinite amount of characters that would work great instead of rehashing the same characters. That's why I love Marvel studios, the films they have produced have been quite big risk takers.

tunaks13790d ago


almost to the point were it no longer warrants a trip to the theaters, I see myself waiting for a rental/dvd when we get to Thor 7 or Iron Man 5 ....