Sarah Wayne Callies (a.k.a. Lori) Talks About the Latest 'Walking Dead' Shocker

"It was the most explosive and shocking Walking Dead episode of the season, and if you have not yet seen it for yourself, then cease reading immediately and come back once you have. [SPOILER ALERT: Seriously, stop reading now if you have yet to watch Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead.]"

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Soldierone3787d ago

I think she was a phenomenal actress, I just think her character was done. There really was nothing to do with her at this point.


It's funny people are all crying about T-Dog and he barely had a backstory :P

JKelloggs3787d ago

It's because he spoke more that 3 sentences in this series, people were getting fond of him speaking ;)

aDDicteD3787d ago

lori's death was really a shocker and it was well executed in this tv series compared to what happened to her in the comics.

timmyp533787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

In a surprising twist Lori is still alive. (Prison Break writers take over). Remember they don't show her actually die on screen.

Soldierone3787d ago


She confirmed she is dead and the producers already said "she is gone, we are not doing some hokey story, we need her dead for Rick"

Plus I don't think she is noted as returning to later episode filming. Only person surprising that is coming back is Carol, and even then its not that surprising.

timmyp533787d ago

I guess that would have been a good time for a saracasm tag.

Soldierone3787d ago

I figured it was sarcastic, but i keep seeing people say this realistically and decided I might as well explain it here too.

People are also throwing a fit because they think Maggie made Carl shoot his mom, when in reality he CLEARLY asked to do it lol

ReconHope3787d ago

Feel bad for rick and carl. sad ending wouldn't say it was a shocker though.

StarWarsFan3787d ago

I was surprised to see her go, but I also kind of understand that they may not have really had anywhere else to go with her character.