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The Walking Dead - Killer Within Review | Entertainment Fuse

Entertainment Fuse:
Wow, even though we’re only four episodes into season three, Killer Within had enough dramatic moments, character deaths, and tension to rival the season finale of many shows. This was the show’s first time having to bounce from one set of plotlines and characters to a completely new set. The prison side of things somewhat blew me away, but Woodbury had some problems. The cold opening showing someone opening the gate was nicely done and I thought it would bring a “who done it” element to this episode, but the siren going off clearly made it seem like there was another prisoner loose, whether it be Andrew or a random survivor.

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deathstriker3357d ago

I was shocked over two people dying this episode... even though one of them hardly mattered. I didn't enjoy last season much, but this season has been very good. I liked the Woodbury stuff too.

aDDicteD3356d ago

one of the best episodes. lori's death is better than her death in the comics. so far so good, season 3's pace is good.