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'Walking Dead': The Governor's Here -- Now What?


Showrunner Glen Mazzara breaks down five key moments from the comic series and how -- and if! -- the AMC series is approaching them.

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Crazay3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU KNOW THE COMICS! It may ruin all kinds of things on you and that might make you sad.

On that note...
Each and every single moment talked about in that interview are so pivotal to the series. I'm really hopeful that they make them happen. The one thing that I wouldn't be terribly surprised with them cutting out is what happens to Michonne at the hands of the Gov. I know AMC really lets them push the envelope but I think that might be a little too far for TV censors.

aDDicteD3268d ago


the michonne and governor rape scene can still be incorporated, just like in the comics it was shown through the yells and screams of michonne as well as the dirty talk of the governor hearing at the other side of the room by glenn. what I'm concerned is the michonne torturing the governor scene, that show could portray it in a lighter tone.

aDDicteD3268d ago

I would really like those things to happen and i will be pissed if they didn't incorporate it in the show, i know that the show alters it in a very fresh way but still the thought of it still lives in that moment. I hope the arena would be incorporate in the show, it'll be very entertaining to see rick and merle battle it out in the arena or just the thought that someone in the characters would battle it out and have a death battle.

Soldierone3268d ago


I think things will obviously be changed. So far this season, everything has happened but it has happened to other characters for the most part.

I think instead of Rick and Merle fighting, it will be Daryl stepping up. I just hope they kill Merle and not Daryl....

Michonne at this point in time could very easily be replaced with Andrea (for what the gov. does) , and then Michonne goes after him for her.