Why You Should Read The Walking Dead Comics

MMGN: It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of zombies. The harsh conditions after the post-apocalyptic world, the bleak feeling of no hope, the desperation and the stupidity that yields the barest of human emotions. When The Walking Dead TV series came out, it satisfied my craving for a zombie series that actually captured all of this, built upon characters that would care about, and wasn’t simply an excuse for an all-out zombie gorefest.

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aDDicteD3791d ago

i like the the tv series so much and it attracted me to reading the comics. It's up until mid-season 2 i think that i started reading the comics and i can say that it was great. and yes both were very good and yes as well as the videogame. so far everything that has a walking dead title on it is sure to deliver awesomeness.

Soldierone3791d ago

The only issue is that its a bit hard to start reading now. When I started the comics were fairly easy to get and were not that expensive.

Go today and everything is jacked up....I saw back issues for 5-10 dollars and any issues introducing characters or with important events in them cost even more....Try getting the issue Michonne is introduces now....

At this rate I'd suggest finding the compendiums somewhere and stick to them, will save you a bundle!